Follow below steps to create Facebook App Credential,
  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go to Developer Account,
  3. Create new Facebook app
    • Choose ” My Apps” in the header navigation and select “Add a New App” or use the button below.
  4. Choose a Name
    • Choose a type and name for your app and select Create New Facebook App ID. Choose a category for your app. If you’re creating a test version of an existing Facebook app, select the app you are testing.
  5. Choose Settings in the menu on the left and select Basic.
  6. Goto the bottom of the page. Click “Add Platform” and select Website (www)
  7. Enter Site URL and finish the steps by clicking next buttons.
  8. App ID
    • Goto Settings -> Basic.
    • Your app will have a unique app ID. You can find your “App ID” and “App Secret” in this page.
  9. Contact Email
    • You need to add a contact email for each app. Go to your app’s dashboard and select the navigation item Settings in the left sidebar and provide a valid contact email.
  10. Disable Development Mode
    • New Facebook apps exist in development mode by default. Once your application is ready for public use you can switch from development mode to public mode to allow your app to interact with Facebook accounts not associated with your app.