Below are the steps to create Cloudinary API

  1. Go to
  2. Click “signup for free” and fill the details and signup.
  3. Goto Dashboard and you’ll find the “Account Details” section.
  4. Click more option and find the below details like Cloud name, API Key, API Secret, Base delivery URL, Secure delivery URL, API Base URL.
  5. Copy the details like Cloudinary name, Cloudinary Secret, Cloudinary BaseUrl, Cloudinary Secure Url, Cloudinary Api Url  and paste it in the API Credential tab as shown below.
  6. Goto site Admin panel and click “Site Settings” tab from the navigation menu on the left. Now change ”File Upload Driver” option  from local to Cloudinary as shown below.
  7. Now click the Submit button. After this all the uploaded image will be stored in cloudinary.